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I am: Comic - comicsan, IJ - comic, DW - comic (but I don't update those last two)

I Play:
Sanji the Black Leg (One Piece) - kick_up_a_notch
Gintoki Sakata (Gintama) - splendad
Tenebrae (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World) - fogeynight

I Used to Play:
Tatewaki Kuno (Ranma 1/2) - blue_blunder
James (Pokemon) - makeitdouble_d
Deadpool AKA Wade T. Wilson (Marvel) - not_an_xman
Albert "Chamo" Chamomile (Mahou Sensei Negima) - snog_watch
Detective Dick Gumshoe (Ace Attorney series) - whooooooop
Ciel (Tsukihime) - larc_en_me
Col. Jade Curtiss (Tales of the Abyss) - owns_the_reaper
Jessie (Pokemon) - dispair4trouble
Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece) - seasection
Norikuni Iwata (Excel Saga) - not_braindead
Nerval (Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo) - putyouinthatbox


  • IRC - I'm usually on IRC under 'Comic'! Alternately 'Sanji' 'Gin-san' or now 'Tenebrae'. Feel free to PM/Query me at any time, if I don't respond it just means I'm not actually on the computer at the time. I will never outright ignore someone. If I don't respond to you in a little bit but you see me about, poke me again- I might have lost the window since then.

  • AIM - Comic Kun but I rarely sign on from anywhere but my phone.

  • EMAIL - Throw one to kickupanotch [at] if it's RP related but not emergency-esque.

Email me at comicsan [at] gmail, if I don't respond then there was no chance of contact beyond someone calling me on the phone... which I can give out to upon request. I don't mind.

Ha...! Friday-Sunday you may see me around anywhere from 8pm (CST) to 10am the next day as I work the graveyard shift on Friday and Saturday nights. I also have classes during the week, which combined with this semester turning out to be entirely online, I have lots of busy work to do to accomplish them. My availability is sketchy at best, I'm sorry to say. If you need me somewhere, give me a little warning and I'll try to work around it. At the very least I can always wake up earlier and get things done.


The Playing Experience:
I am horrible at posting but will jump at a chance to co-post. However... this is best done spur of the moment rather than planned in advance with me. If I'm around and say I can play-- I definitely can. Later, I can't guarantee a thing. I appreciate being able to talk to who I'm threading with in IRC, but I can thread just fine without it! In fact some of my favorite previous castmates never came on IRC. (<3 Usopp and Meowth) If I drop a thread you want to continue, poke me! If I can't figure out where to go from there, I'll tell you. Otherwise I'm entirely happy to pick up threads... I think I just require a bit of gut jabbing to get to it.

Be around more. When I play, it's enjoyable and people enjoy playing with me (or so I am lead to believe)! However I don't do enough of it. Fix this. In not so broad strokes, have Sanji flirt with girls more and/or find horribly girly men to D: at. Teach shitty men some manners (forcefully) and rude girls some manners (gently). For Gin-san I need him to start taking sugar away from the people who have it. It is banned after all and that way he'll get 'paid'* and be happy. (* Paid being given more than a parfait a week. He's not being paid in money.) Tenebrae just needs to be about and be horrible.

I will beta you! If I'm canon-familiar, I might actually be a GOOD one at that! I'm not afraid to canon-blind beta someone, but I will acknowledge that I am hardly a good one as flow and grammar escape me rather easily.

I tried it once, I think I'm good for the duration.

I'm willing to try anything, if you can point me at it.

I'm zen about everything. If you have complaints about me, take them to me. I don't mind, and if I can see where you're coming from I'll do my best to fix it. If you just want to tell me I'm totally awesome, I even more appreciate it and will do more of the same. Either way, I'll improve!

Stats and Permissions
do you honestly believe that?
Name: Tenebrae
Age: 10,000+
Height: Variable, though typically at least... 3 feet tall, I want to say?
Weight: Variable, and can float on will so. Yeah. As heavy as he wants to be.
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black with purple accents.

Medical Info: He is a Centurion! Which means basically that he survives off of mana and will heal himself from that if injured. If he becomes too damaged will either return to Ratatosk for aid or revert to core form, which is an egg shaped thing where he lies in a dormant state. This has happened recently so it's A-OK!

Physical traits: He's a shapeshifter so anything can change if he wants to! But normally... he resembles a dog with coat tails and a claw tail. That tail is every bit as useful as a hand would be, and he'll sooner pick up something with it than ever put it in his mouth. Blech.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Whatver you'd like, he'll either be bored, fascinated, humor you, or ignore you.


  • As mentioned, he's a shapeshifter- he can completely change his shape in any way he wishes! From turning into a human to a fishing pole, the only thing limiting him is his aesthetics- he thinks he's incredibly beautiful already so he doesn't change all that much.

  • Additionalls, as the Centurion of Darkness he can make pacts and 'control' those monsters of his element, and becomes stronger for it. It's never explained exactly what that entails, but I don't imagine it coming up. If it does we'll see from there.

  • He also has shown the ability to create things out of nowhere- it's not really known if he created it or simply made it appear, but he has shown to replace Emil's clothing with fabric that is embued with hexes and spells to be mold-proof, waterproof, and fire resistant.

  • As far as fighting goes, the closest to it we see in canon is him lifting a golem high into the air; and the bit in the Opening sequence where he seems to lunge at someone with his claw tail. He doesn't much care for it, I imagine, sooner having monsters fight for him.

Notes for the Psychics: I imagine his mental blocks would be quite strong, as his mental fortitude is immense if he is expected to keep a section of the entire world's monsters in balance.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Of course! Though he may do the same in return.

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: Yes, please do. He'll react anywhere from uncomfortable to surprised.

Maim/Murder/Death: If it presents itself, I'll have to talk with the cast to see how to handle it, but just touch base with me. I'm not against it in idea however.

Cooking: Tenebrae cannot eat, so if he is to cook anything it would be 'Dark Stew Surprise', which is basically the equilivant of throwing everything in a pot and hoping it turns out right. He's quite a fan of cooking it however, so he won't hesitate to try.

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